Building community in our corner of Los Angeles.

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We serve the West Los Angeles area, from Pacific Palisades to Westchester. You can check our boundary map by clicking here.

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What's a Time Bank?

A "Time Bank" is a community of people in an area who have chosen to exchange services to support each other.

For every hour you help another member, you earn a Time Credit. Then you can use that Time Credit to have a neighbor help you. There’s no minimum or maximum time commitment.

Unlike bartering which places a cash value on goods and services (and is taxable), TimeBank services are traded for Time Credits (not taxable) and you don’t have to trade directly with the person who helps you.

Members use a simple online system to list the services they want to give and receive and to keep track of Time Credits exchanged.

​"Our Time Bank" is the name of the time bank who serves the West Los Angeles area. If you live or work within our boundaries, you're welcome to get involved.